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Published Works

The Purple Sea | Dec 2022

Penumbric Magazine

In the remote Greek island of Lipsoneri, life and decay move at a slow pace. But when the waters turn purple, 

Edited by J. Moody

Featured in When All That's Left are Stories

Only Son | Nov 2022

Gill and Bobby grew up together but war and adulthood forced each of them into impossible choices.

Delmarva Review

Accidental Lion | Nov 2022

15th Anniversary Edition

To a mother ridden with guilt about her son's oncoming blindness, a book in the drawer of an offbeat motel offers the strangest solution.

The Umbrella Academy

Gideon's Message | Oct 2022

Her Special Day | Nov 2021

Literally Stories


Kākolūkīyam | Sept 2021

The NewVerse News


Narcissi | Aug 2021

A Story in 100 Words

Resplendent in her white dress, she headed down the steps from the veranda. He tightened his parka to stave off the wind and followed.

Behind the house they built, they strode toward the pond, their barren feet leaving a trail along the mucky ground. Her smile was terse, he clenched his jaw. He searched for something new to say, she shook her head. They knit their hands, now ringless, and peered at their reflection.

Later, when the children rushed out to search for them, all they discovered by the water’s edge was a white lily rising beside a thistle bush.

Hope | April 2020

50-Word Stories

I escaped his slithering hands and bolted into the night. Johnny’s malty breath followed me before giving up with a cuss; he was always skittish about the marshes.
Crouching among the reeds, a frog startled me. I clasped him in my fingers, took a breath, and kissed him.
Nothing happened.

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